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Lakemont Business Services, Inc. is collaborative, flexible, entrepreneurial — and virtual. Employees of Lakemont Business Services, Inc. work from home or our client’s offices.

In addition to conventional business relations, Lakemont Business Services, Inc. has the ability to connect with clients through our secure, Web-based technology. When you hire Lakemont Business Services, Inc., we become a virtual extension of your company. We partner with your customers and assist with your business needs.

Whether you are looking for traditional business support services or a virtual business partner, Lakemont Business Services, Inc. can assist with your request.

Lakemont Business Services, Inc. is committed to value, integrity, and most importantly, your success. Our business was established in 2000 and is run based on professional ethics and integrity. As a service company, our continuing success depends on our reputation for always meeting our customer’s goals.

In today's competitive market, your time is more valuable than ever!

Lakemont Business Services Inc. can make you more profitable by allowing you time to concentrate on what you do best and helping you with the things we can do better — and faster!








“Great service starts on the inside of an organization and then works its way out.”

Bob Moawad